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Our ingenious web application development experts can create customized web apps, and platforms. Our products fully meet the needs of your new business venture.

Web App Development and Customization

Gone are the days when all the people only had the fixed 9 to 5 working hours from Monday to Friday. Today everyone is expected to be able to work from wherever they are in the world. Web application development services are of the utmost importance because they offer businesses adjustable and cost-efficient ways to meet all their needs.

A best web app is all that a business requires including an interactive tool that can be used from anything related to your business’s:

  • Internal systems,
  • Efficiency, or
  • Building brand loyalty in your customers.

Other Types of Custom Web Apps

  • An internal web application development that manages your company’s projects and finances.
  • Web application that can be re-sold to a customer – software-as-a-service.
  • Revolutionary customer service application that provides a portal for your customers to access.

THE MANGO TECH professionals study your business in great breadth and depth. Its purpose is to chart exactly what your business needs, and what your business application needs to deliver, and to whom. We prize the creativity of our designers and love to take up new tasks for which we can also suggest a few of our own ideas to you. Our skilled team do anything and everything in technology to devise the best customized web application development plan for your business. Web apps developed by us will be holistic and comprises all you can think of or need for your business.

Services for the Responsive Web Applications Development

Each web app developed by us is highly responsive and user-friendly. This means it will work not just fine, but perfectly well on any screen, be it a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. All the apps we design easily self-adapt themselves in terms of their menus, visuals, and other controls to any device of any size. It ensures that the end-user always gets the best experience without encountering any formatting or functionality-related issues on any device.

Web application development process and Technology

Primarily, it’s all the Microsoft tools that we use for our client’s customized web application development, because we have experience in working with a wide array of technological platforms to build the very best for you.

At the front end, we use browser-based technologies such as HTML5, served by .NET Core and C# programming. Our platforms are a combination of the best, including Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, and Web APIs. Further to this, we also have expertise in JavaScript frameworks like VueJS, React & Angular – the actual heroes which create interactivity on the web.

We totally understand how it’s a big deal to try to visualize a finished custom web app just in your head, so right from the start of web app; we keep updating prototypes for you to see the development. This enables our valued clients to self-test the application alongside its development and to highlight any changes they might require at any point in time.

Business Application & Software Development Services

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