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Our ingenious web application development experts can create customized web apps, and platforms. Our products fully meet the needs of your new business venture.

Web App Development and Customization

The new business market has been taken over by internet and e-commerce revolution and nine to five working hours just don’t float around anymore. Business have to be conducted without a restriction of time and place. This is where the concept of web development company in UK come in. Web Applications enable to automise your whole transaction system, taking care of your offered services and managing your equations.

The Mango Tech web app development services are one of the best when it comes to reliability, quality and adaptability.

Our web app development services provide an interactive framework which is in control of everything related to your business’s:

  • Internal systems,
  • Efficiency, or
  • Building brand loyalty in your customers.

Other Types of Custom Web Apps

  • An internal web application development in Manchester that manages your company’s projects and finances.
  • Web application that can be re-sold to a customer – software-as-a-service.
  • Revolutionary customer service application that provides a portal for your customers to access.

The Mango Tech holds expertise in construction of internal web application development which takes hold of your companies finances and projects. The web applications developed by The Mango Tech give you complete autonomy and ownership rights hence if you want, you can sell it to a third party as a service. The Mango Tech’s backend support and customer services provides a post production platform for developer interaction which ensures the smooth running of processes.

The Mango Tech development team comprises professionals who start methodically by studying your business in detail and understand your goals and work ethos so that they can construct a business approach which complements the working of your business. In this way not only do we ensure meeting expectations but also exceeding them.

Services for the Responsive Web Applications Development

Each web app developed by us is highly responsive and user-friendly. This means it will work not just fine, but perfectly well on any screen, be it a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. All the apps we design easily self-adapt themselves in terms of their menus, visuals, and other controls to any device of any size. It ensures that the end-user always gets the best experience without encountering any formatting or functionality-related issues on any device.

Web application development process and Technology

The Mango Tech development team incorporates time tested approaches as well as the cutting edge technology to ensure reliability and optimisation. We primarily, utilise Microsoft tools because frankly they are the best, however, our team has experience and capability of working with a vast array of tech platforms and tools.

The development team treats your project as a new independent one and hence comes up with a bespoke approach and custom variations to best complete the required.

At, the front end we prefer browser based platforms such as HTML 5, .Net Core and C+ programming while using Microsoft Azure, Web APIs and SQL servers which are further supported by Java Script like Angular, Reach and Vue JS.

The Mango Tech completely understands the importance of visualisation and takes the initiative to best visualise your vision and keep adding to it to perform at its maximum potential. We also put in certain AI modules which initiate an atomisation process of adaptability and optimisation.

Business Application & Software Development Services

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