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Have you recently heard about operational systems and you’re wondering how it can be the next best choice for your business? Let’s discuss how moving towards an automated solution like operational systems will put you on the map of the most successful businesses in the 21st Century.

In today’s gadget-savvy times, the businesses which move towards change and have the ability to adapt to the revamped market trends shall hold the throne; simple. Regardless of the fact that you do that through recapping & rescaling your business model, or just decide to fill the gaps in your previous software systems – a bespoke operational system implementation is the key.

Why Business Operating Systems?

TheMangoTech believes in proving what we say with facts. Any business looking to thrive within the 21st Century market is in dire need of updating their business models, with state-of-the-art business operating systems. Here is why:

  • Your business needs much more than Excel Spreadsheets, Fragmented Systems or Access Databases.
  • Your business processes need operational systems which can complement your workflow, which cannot be done through your existing legacy system.
  • With the growth of your business, depending on manual workflow maintenance is not the right approach. You need automatic and automated workflow management now.
  • Without a bespoke business operational system, departments will keep on repeating each other’s work they do in ledgers or different systems.

Whether you choose a replacement operational system or systems integration, a business operating system will work as the cornerstone of efficiency, competitive edge and strategy of your business.

How Is Our Operational System Implementation Carried Out?

Implementation of an operational system is basically automating your business processes, to make your business model more efficient and productive. Whatever the shortcomings might be, they must be and will be managed.

Requirements: We’ll start off with an internal in-depth analysis of what is already going on. This means we’ll analyze the running procedures and system, identify the gaps, the strong points and wherever work is needed. In this process, we shall also communicate with your staff to get a better understanding of how the process runs, and what needs to be fixed according to the people working on-floor.

Planning: After we have analyzed the requirements or what needs to be done, we’ll give you a quote. Once you approve the cost, we’ll start planning and offer you an SDL Plan (Secure Development Lifecycle Plan). Right after its approval from your side, the development starts.

Development: For our professionals, the fun part begins now! We’ll start developing your business operational system bit by bit, and keep you updated about all the progress that we achieve. Your feedback during this phase is key to the success of our development and your operational system; as through your mind we will be able to develop a product perfect for you and your business.

Testing: Once the development has been finalized from our and your side, the deployment of the operational system shall take place. We at TheMangoTech believe in minimal modifications as we give it our best on the first deployment. However, being humans there still might be some shortcomings which will be fixed before the re-deployment.

Release: Once all the teething issues have been solved, the final deployment or the release process is carried out; and, you’re all set to go conquer the market!

What’s Next?

Don’t just stop at operational systems. Your business needs a lot more if you want to swim amidst the big sharks in this competitive market realm. However, we do not want you to stress. So, let’s sit over a cup of coffee, dictate your vision and let the professionals at TheMangoTech brush off all the burden from your shoulders.

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