Mobile Apps

IOS & android mobile app development services by our creative and efficient team can help your brand engagement with a super-fast and interactive app for your business. As we know that the trend these days is of smartphones more than any other device which makes investment in a mobile application critically significant. Nobody would like an Android or ios application that gets stuck, has limited features, isn’t friendly, and takes ages to open.

Sometimes the question is if a mobile app Development is better than a web app, or vice versa; therefore, we at THE MANGO TECH also offer the option of a hybrid app containing a fine mixture of the two.

Introduction to Mobile Apps

An ios or android mobile app is a kind of software designed to run on devices such as a smartphone or tablet. They are different from mobile-optimized websites because they are designed to run on the native device, utilizing device hardware such as the camera or accelerometer. IOS Mobile applications and android applications are usually made available to people via the Apple App Store for iPhones & iPads, and Google Play Store for Android devices.

The Purpose of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development allows people to access your company’s services from their smartphone or tablet. Businesses these days use android and ios apps to improve the experience of their products/services for their customers and to smoothen their processes. Mobile applications are also extremely simple to find and install from Apple and Google app stores.

Mobile App Development Experts

Nobody can understate the importance and the massive rewards of a well-planned and strategic ios/android mobile app created to engage with customers. Most users in the world find mobile applications way handier and simpler to use than website or desktop applications. This makes it crucial for your mobile application to be as up-to-date and advanced as you can think of. 

We at THE MANGO TECH will not just help you envision the background concept of your mobile app development but will also focus entirely on the user experiences and the subtleties of it. With you, we then build customized, world-class software which can be adapted and changed as your business and the needs of your business change.

Mobile App Development - Golden Key Points

Clarity and Simplicity

Nobody likes a cluttered and over-stacked android/ios application. Anyone would in fact just close it at the first glance, let aside using it. Unwanted complexity just worsens the whole scenario, especially on a small screen. We at THE MANGO TECH make a mobile app development very simple for you so that people don’t have to get daunted just at the first look of it.

End-User Experience

Simplicity and user experience go hand in hand. If a customer finds anything on your ios app or android app difficult to use, nobody would use it more than once. We are experts at speculation and exactly know what our clients mainly look for in any mobile app development.

The Loading Speed

Who would use an ios app or android app which takes ages to open? Forget “ages” as today in the age of real-time, if your application doesn’t respond within seconds, people will simply shut it down


As your application is launched, it’s important to make sure that it has been built to scale.

The Benefits of Professional Mobile App Development

We have mentioned below some of the major benefits of professional mobile app development that you will experience.


Native ios apps and android apps can be built to engage with all the features of a smartphone-like accelerometer, camera, and GPS.

Fewer Limitations

Mobile apps don’t need a browser and can be used offline as well, once downloaded.

Better User Experience

Mobile app development is way better than desktop computers and mobile browsers in terms of their functionality and efficiency.


Due to making the users feel more comfortable, an android mobile application or ios mobile application can hold the visitors 3-4 times longer than a mobile site.

Wide Reach

Your application will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as well, which means you will be getting your application before millions of users around the world.

IOS/Android Mobile App Technology & Process

At THE MANGO TECH, our forte is efficiency and value for money for our valued clients. We use cross-platform development so as not to have to build the same application twice: for Android and iOS.

We use the development toolkit called Xamarin which allows us to only “write once” in .NET and C# and deploy it to Android and iOS. Our apps integrate fully with any phone or tablet hardware – for example, the camera, Bluetooth, etc.; thus, quickly and cost-effectively developing genuine native mobile applications created specifically for the targeted platform.

Some of our clients prefer to solve the “write once” problem by using a Javascript solution and THE MANGO TECH has a great deal of experience with React Native as well.

Mobile App Delivery

Once we’ve finished your mobile app development, we:

–           Launch the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

–           Fully transfer the Intellectual Property Rights to you.

–           Provide continuous support, inclusive of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and access to all our in-house developers via helpdesk.

–           Offer optional hosting (when there is a central database behind the scenes). 

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, we love to use Microsoft Azure but we can work with AWS too if that’s your preference.


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