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If you need a simple, cost-effective way to access your new software application, THE MANGO TECH can install or migrate your system to Microsoft Azure.


Many of the bespoke software applications we develop for our customers are browser-based, which means that they can all be delivered as ‘cloud-based’ solutions (commonly called Software as a Service – SaaS). THE MANGO TECH Software is an accredited “Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider” (CSP) which means we can offer you a simple solution for your software hosting requirements using Microsoft Azure.

About our cloud hosting service

As a leading bespoke software development company, we wanted to be able to offer you an end-to-end service – to build your software and then offer you the option of hosting it so you don’t need to worry about owning, installing and managing your own servers. That’s why we have invested heavily with Microsoft to gain the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) accreditation, fully backed up with Microsoft with a premium support agreement.

The cloud hosting service we offer is entirely optional; there’s no pressure on you to use it if you’d rather host your app elsewhere.

Microsoft Azure benefits include:

  • high quality functionality and performance at a low cost
  • high availability – no calls from customers saying they can’t access your app
  • a hosting setup in any UK data centre or even in different countries/continents if preferred
  • scalability – increase or decrease the capacity you need according to traffic, on demand, or with “auto-scale” capabilities
  • a hassle and investment-free approach to software licensing

THE MANGO TECH were able to deliver the software as a hosted, pay-monthly service, saving us the cost of 1,000 user licenses if we had bought a standard CRM system. Even using an existing hosted platform like would have been expensive, because of the level of customisation required.

Howard Robinson, Marketing Consultant, Willis Networks

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