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Is your data stored in multiple locations? Does your data pertain to numerous file formats? If yes, your business model is in dire need for professional data migration service. With file formats increasing the complexity of data integration, companies tend to fall short on the importance of professional data migration services; to revamp their orthodox business model.

At TheMangoTech, we priorities the growth and stability of your business, hence, pay heed to the operational importance of data & its usage.

Why Do You Need Data Migration Service?

Data migration is the go-to solution for every business owner, if the goal is to help your business blend into the latest IT trends of the corporate realm. Here are some reasons why your business needs it too.:

  • If you’re looking to modernize your legacy system and need to migrate data from your older system to the new system.
  • To ensure a side-by-side system rollout when the old and new systems need to be synchronized.
  • To migrate data from an older application to a new application you developed.
  • In times of a merger, when you’re looking to fetch data from all the different interfaces and looking to integrate them into one.
  • When you are moving towards cloud storage, for better and enhanced scalability.
  • When transferring data from a server to a storage system.
Why Do You Need TheMangoTech For Professional Data Migration?
  1. Our data migration methodology and solutions are agile, up-to-date and efficient.
  2. We have a communicative, transparent and collaborative client-approach, focused on your needs.
  3. Our data migration experts flaunt years of experience in their collective effort to provide you with fast-paced services.
  4. With in-depth market research, our list of experts includes in-house IT solution professionals for all your needs.
  5. Cost-effective and affordable project delivery.
  6. Testing and topnotch quality assurance methodology before going live.
  7. A proven track record of successful projects.
What Is Our Process & Strategy?

Our data migration strategy is very simple, yet efficient; analyze, test & launch. We start off with analyzing the older system, in replacement to which the new system needs to be built. The quality of the data is then checked, as no data of zero value needs to be migrated to the new system. Next, a prototype is built on which all the end-users test their functionality – as any changes once made once the data is migrated can be costly.

Once the strategy part has kicked-in and works, our process begins with…

Design: The existing data sources are identified, requirements for the new system are listed down, followed by the design of new elements.

Extract: All the data is then extracted or exported from the older source files.

Cleanse: The data is then filtered. In this, duplicate and unvalued data is separated from that which is needed.

Load: The filtered data is then uploaded on the new system This can be done parallel, in phases or all at once.

Verify: The new data is then verified for any certain problems or issues and the success of the upload is validated.

Want to know more about how hiring a data migration service provider can be the turning point for your business model? Let’s catch up. Contact us today & sit together with our professionals on a cup of coffee; so together we can come up with the most efficient ways to put you on the map of the most successful business of the 21st Century.

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