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Digital Transformation in the Education Sector


Digital Transformation is a process in which an organization or a sector quickly responds to and adopts new technologies – by automating and digitalizing their processes, updating their platforms through various IT Solutions, and most importantly using their data to make better strategic decisions that will prove beneficial in the long run.


Impact of COVID-19 in Educational Digital Transformation:


The Corona-virus has undoubtedly accelerated the adoption of digital technology to transform every sector – most recently, the education sector.

When the pandemic started and students were asked to stay at home, the schools and the universities had to find ways to continue teaching. They resorted to digital means by utilizing IT Professional Services to make that possible. During this time, the Department For Education (DFE) estimated as many as 10,000 schools in England had very limited capacity for remote teaching. This was not limited to just schools. In April 2020, it was realized that only around 20 out of 150 UK universities were set up to provide remote learning.

Digital Transformation

An initiative called the Learning and Teaching Reimagined (LTR), spearheaded by JISC (formerly the Joint Information Systems Committee), has produced reports showing us how we can bridge this gap by providing short-term and long-term digital IT-based solutions. Another item that was highlighted in this report was the high number of students that did not have access to a laptop or internet. It mentioned the University of Aberdeen which is doing a great job to understand the needs by surveying their students to identify who requires technological help. After all, empowering students from all economic backgrounds to operate remotely is sure to set them up better for a working world especially now when working remotely has become a norm.

Recommendations for Digital IT Solutions:

The education sector needs the services of IT professionals to update its legacy systems and move on to newer digital solutions and Cloud-based learning portals if they are to meet their goals in the coming years. These tools can also be leveraged to be used in schools for the disabled such as MindView, AudioNotetaker to name a few. There are tons of software, tools, and programs that are available along with various agencies offering IT Professional Services at very affordable prices. In the interim, we see the educational sector adapting to these new tools.

Digital Transformation and Lockdown

Going forward, we see the use of AI quite extensively in all segments. AVer Visualizers can help teachers stream, present, and record lectures. CB-310 can be used for interacting in these socially distanced classroom settings. AI cameras will enable teachers and lecturers to Live stream courses from anywhere in the world. With these innovations, of course, should come an increased investment in teacher training.

Digital transformation is enviable:

Now-a-days, digital transformation is unavoidable. The only question is, how soon are you willing to adapt and invest in it? If you are interested in creating bespoke software to help your students, we can help. 

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